Friday, August 15, 2008


These pic go with the last blog sorry didn't go through.

The opening ceremony was crazy it was very very exciting to walk with all my American family because that's what we are a family of different abilities to represent the U.S baby.Just to hear all those people cheer our country name was a great feeling a feeling that you would have to be there to explain the feeling.We were so hype we took up the whole walk path it was awesome.We took a lot of pic of our famous athlete of America hey I was even famous. Every boby wanted to take a pic with me.People always say me and Lebron James look alike so you judge for your self.[Photo]

There were a lot of pic taking that day I even took pic with Lisa leslie and candice parker.[Photo]

The whole event was awesome fireworks everywhere but here are some more pic of the event

Thursday, August 14, 2008

How I'm Living

Hello America, Sorry for the delay on things but I been super busy so much stuff is going on but you know I couldn't forget my favorite fans I love ya! things here has been OK. We live in a big big place called the Olympic Village that's were all the country that competing in the games live and it is beautiful the people that built all this stuff really did a great job! We have a lot of security here so it's safe around here and there very strict about certain things but there cool. We have a laundry room, a game room were every one of all types of country hangs at; how cool is that and we have "The Danger Zone" I call it. The danger zone is were all the food is and the grand slam they have an 24 hour McDonald's"Fat Land"I can't stay out of that place it's awesome.I'm meeting a lot of people here even though I get mob by people every day because they thinks I'm Lebron James is crazy but is fun and funny.Here is some pic of the Village.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

"GOD had A plan for team U.S.A and it was to go to china an bring back that Gold"!

Hey America were finally here,were in china the moment,the excitement,the hype we all been train so hard and waiting for. We were the first American team of all sports to arrive in Beijing. Once we got there it was off to the game plan to be the best in shape in the games which no question ask we are; Training,training and training that's all been on our schedule. It is so hard been an elite athlete,been on top of your sport and staying fit its so much an Olympian go through beside the wonderful people you meet--the training all so many times a day, the studying films,the job some still have to get to pay for other thing, the schooling and education we still try to get beyond the hours of training,the different people and situation we encounter upon and the hardest of all the love ones you have to leave behind especially our children; the main reason against other reason we try and work so hard for; but in the end when your on your knees and tears is at a constant flow down your face and heart is pounding so fast as if it's about to come out your chest;you sit back and think and say to yourself "it was all worth it"! These are thing that is going to go through my head as well"It was all worth it"and then finding myself with the biggest cool aid smile ever been made while saying "Thank you GOD and I love you!--"GOLD MEDAL BABY GOLD MEDAL"

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Life Of An Olympian

Well it winding down a couple more days until the big show start(Beijing 2008 Games) that is.While the Month falls and days count down we were in NYC on business, we were on the today show,went to talk to some kids at the YMCA they were awesome "Got to love the kids" and were introduced at the Mets baseball game and also we sign a lot of poster at this famous sport museum the people were so excite to see us.but now where back in Colorado spring back to training hard as ever "GOLD MEDAL BABY GOLD MEDAL" I would like to tell every one that read this to keep us in your prayers God Bless and thanks!p.s. Here are some pic of our trip to NYC.

This Shawn Estrada our 165 pounds sign posters for the fans.

Shawn sign posters!

Who is this guy?

Ali the world greatest!

Deontay Wilder the next world greatest!

If it's in god's well it's already been done!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Adventure in Argentina

Hey! ladies and gentlemen Boys and girls I'm back your one an only Big D!I got the chance to see what it was like living as an Argentinian and it was alright! Myself and the other Olympian Boxers had a blast of fun. We got to experience an see other Olympic sports train and see their Olympic Training Center which is Known as the "Cenard". Even though we were far away from home we don't worry about the different types of food because I brought home to Argentina; coming from Alabama and all, lucky I'm a great cook and know what it takes to prepare a meal.On one of the nights spent in Argentina I cooked Fried Chicken,Home made Macaroni And Cheese,Sweet Cream Corn and for dessert a Big Chocolate Brownie Pie; it was yummy in our tummies boy I tell you! All the guys ate it all up they knew I could cook but, they didn't know I could get down like that! they complimented me all that night and the next day as well. . We trained and sparred with the Argentina Boxers; We enjoyed each others company and different ways of training and at the last day of seeing those guys, they wanted to trade some of their stuff for ours; so we did; they were so happy. I think we made new friends.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2008 olympic boxing team

Here is a pic of the usa boxing team, nine will be going to beijing,china fighting to recieve a gold medal including myself. "GOLD MEDAL BABY GOLD MEDAL"